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Welcome to Pyrenees - e - shop

we plan to open a site in English that will complement it and allowing our English-speaking friends to access information. However, you can ask us questions directly by e-mail in English and we will quickly answer your questions.

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Email adress : sobragorre@orange.fr

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English informations


Pyrenees wool productions

The Tissu des Pyrénées or ‘Fabric from the Pyrenees’ is a trademark from the town of Bagnères-de- Bigorre which, since ancient times, has been known for its “Bigerri jackets” (pure wool capes). The Romans who came to take the spa waters long ago were very fond of them.

Production has never stopped since, providing comfort on cool nights in the mountains and elsewhere.

It is worth noting that, in the 19th century, the raw material used for the capes and coats was successfully softened, to make it silky and thicker. This improvement allowed numerous apprentice seamstresses to make Bigorre’s reputation as far away as department stores in Paris. Their success was such that, shortly after the Franco-Prussian War of 1870, a large part of the town’s cottage industry moved up a level, and its workers perfected new materials thanks to the arrival of new looms (like the “Raschel”), enabling pure wool to be considerably ventilated and made more attractive.

Fortunately, some workshops have succeeded in perpetuating these techniques, resisting the twin problems of worldwide competition and unfavourable market conditions. So these rare materials still exist. We are proud to offer them today, in a range of high quality articles produced in the heart of the Pyrenees: a region adhering to its age-old values.



Dressing gown in fabric weaved in Pyrenees 100% wool. Exist in different colors including tartans. Crafted in France, in ‘’Haute-Pyrenees’’ (Bagneres-de -bigorre), using improved 19th century manufacturing processes.

 total length : 125 cm (51.2 inch)

Link for Ladies dressing Gown and for Men indoor jacket


Men and Women sheperd capes

Bure or “homespun cloth” comes down to us from the depths of times past, legend even claiming that in the bilges of Noah’s Ark lumps of raw wool were trodden by animals in the holds, transforming them into compact material that was easy to work. With the passage of time Bure became by definition the French name for a coarse brown sheep’s wool fabric used mainly by shepherds and religious orders from the Middle Ages. We offer two models using this material: the Shepherd’s Cape, made to measure and inspired by the authentic cape worn by the shepherds in our mountains and the simple Pilgrim’s Cape, which is lighter and can be slipped on over every other piece of clothing to give protection from cold or wind.

It is only made to measure and as a special order, mainly in “brown bure”. It can also be made, depending on the availability of pieces of cloth, in black, greige or ecru. Please contact us for information about production lead times.

The Shepherd’s Cape is a unique piece of clothing, in a tradition kept alive by us. It is a rare object, and can be given as an original and durable gift.

The origin of the word “Bure”. The term ‘bureau’ is explained by the fact that, in the Middle Ages, certain tables were made of no more than rough-hewn stone. Copyist monks who worked long hours were often cold from resting their arms permanently on them. So they had the idea of covering such tables with a piece of bure, the coarse homespun wool cloth used for monks’ clothing.

Link : https://www.pyrenees-e-shop.com/capes-de-bure-et-pelerines/

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